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Sonic Alert Deluxe Wireless Doorbell & Telephone Signaler/Transmitter


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  • Description

Audio and Visual Doorbell and Phone Call Alerts

The Doorbell & Telephone Signaler/Transmitter provides audio and visual alerts when your phone rings or when a visitor is at your door. Ideal for those with mild to severe hearing loss, the plug-in receiver chimes and flashes a plug-in lamp when your doorbell or phone rings. The signaler can work with your existing doorbell, or as a new doorbell. Simply plug a lamp into the module to activate visual alerts, and never miss a visitor again.

You can even use this signaler with Sonic Alert remote receivers (sold separately) for visual or audio alerts in additional rooms. The signaler features multiple flash patterns, so you can differentiate between various signalers in your home. The receiver supports up to four doorbell buttons (additional sold separately) for alerts at other doors.

  • Selectable number of flashes (5 or 10)
  • Different flash codes for front or back door
  • Built-in chime (can be turned off)
  • Built-in outlet to flash attached lamp
  • Compatible with all Sonic Alert receivers


EASY to MODERATE: The signaler plugs into a standard power outlet and phone jack. Your lamp plugs into the signaler’s power socket. The doorbell button mounts outside your door. Basic wiring may be required for use with an existing doorbell.


The button is powered by a 9V battery (included). The signaler is powered by your electrical outlet.

Technical Details


  • Doorbell Button
  • Signaler
  • 9V Battery

Product Specifications

  • Signaler Alert Type: Audio, Light
  • Signaler Style: Wireless, Wall Mount
  • Lamp Plug-in: Yes
  • Built-In Transmitter: Yes
  • Signaler Type: Door, Phone/VP/TTY


SONSADB200 Installation Instructions (.pdf)