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Your Hearing Matters | Home Health Tech by Home Controls

Your Hearing Matters

Browse through our hearing products and find the right one for you, from amplified phones to personal listening devices ... and so much more!

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Say 'Hi' to Mom & Dad | Home Health Tech by Home Controls

Say 'Hi' to Mom & Dad

Presto’s Printing Mailbox sends letters and photographs without requiring a computer or even an Internet connection ... for less than $100.

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Protect Yourself | Home Health Tech by Home Controls

Protect Yourself

A personal alert system instantly connects you to help in case of an emergency. Choose one of the many options available at Home Health Tech.

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Freedom To Live Independently

People have a strong desire to remain independent in their own homes as they age. Fortunately, this is often the least expensive alternative. Home Health Tech offers a bit of technology that can provide a safer, healthier and richer environment.